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Led Garden Chair for outdoor and indoor use at the celebration events.There is RGB LED Light with multi color and multi function option. Infinite Colors Infinite steady colours including white in just one lamp. Select a Steady Color out of Thousands of Colours A steady colour out of multiple colours availlable. Switch between Candle and Lamp Mode Can switch between candle and lamp mode with just pressing a key on the remote control. 6 Different Lighting Modes 5 Brightness Levels Choose between 5 brightness levels in 9 steady colours. DC Charge Charge the lamp with the DC charger provided in 4-8 hours. Working Time Can work for 6 to 28 hours in one full charge. Li Polymer Rechargeable Battery 5V Rechargeable Li Polymer Battery Infra Red Remote Control 16 button multifunctional Infrared Remote Control Shock Resistant Made by shock proof PE plastic material.

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