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Production facilities in Sao Paulo, Brazil. ALU Films is a creation boutique specialized in all stages of cinematographic production and post-production, it is able to deliver incredible materials, whether for cinema, TV, web and other formats. With a crew of creative minds and specialized technicians, we can make the “impossible” to deliver to our customers what we consider a “Masterpiece”. Thus, we assembled an arsenal of equipment to transform concepts into images that reflect the pursuit of our clients. Whatever your need, ALU Films is able to run your project regardless of size and budget, at any stage of a production The passion for cinema is what drives us toward the future, always enabling great images to everyone! Get in touch. rua jose romano, 50 - parque especial sao bernardo do campo - sao paulo – brazil - +55 11 4352 2791 +55 11 7358 6200

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