About Amazonas

The Amazon is one of the 27 federal units of Brazil, the largest being in the territory, with an area of 1,570,745.680 km ², becoming the world's ninth largest subdivision, being larger than the areas of France, Spain, Sweden and Greece added .6 it would be the eighteenth largest country in the world by land area of just over Mongolia, with its 1,564,116 km ². It is larger than the area of Northeast Brazil, with its nine states, and is equivalent to 2.25 times the area of the U.S. state of Texas. The average area of its 62 counties is 25,335 km ², higher than the area of the Brazilian state of Sergipe. The biggest is Barcelos, with 122,476 km ² and the smallest is Iranduba with 2215 km ².

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